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Our team

Our team of solicitors stands out for their professionalism and solid legal training, ensuring excellence in every procedure.

José Andres Cayuela

José Andrés Cayuela Castillejo, as the director of the firm, embodies excellence in the understanding of procedural law in all its facets. His profound understanding and experience enable him to tackle procedural challenges with confidence and determination, ensuring precise and effective decision-making in any legal situation. He is distinguished by his outstanding problem-solving ability, optimizing resources and time to ensure successful outcomes in every case. His leadership guides the firm toward excellence, prioritizing client satisfaction.

Elisa Fonseca

At Cayuela Procuradores, Elisa Fonseca is a standout and highly dedicated collaborator. Responsible for notifying and handling matters with precision and promptness, her commitment is reflected in her constant availability to address any client inquiries or concerns. With her kind and solution-oriented approach, Elisa ensures a professional and reliable experience in every interaction, contributing to the success and satisfaction of those who trust in our services.

Silvino González

Silvino, with his extensive experience and deep knowledge of the judicial system, especially in the Community of Madrid, stands out for his skill in managing and providing personalized attention. He excels in efficiently coordinating each stage of legal processes. His commitment to problem-solving is evident in how he approaches each case, prioritizing client satisfaction and ensuring their needs are optimally met at all times, with close and dedicated attention.

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