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Who are we?

To talk about us, it’s important to mention how CAYUELA PROCURADORES has evolved and adapted to new technologies and changes in the legal field over more than 25 years of practice. The ability to stay up-to-date with technological advances and new ways of working is crucial in today’s legal world.
One of the highlights of the firm’s trajectory is its strong command of procedural law, enforcement, and notifications. Procedural law is essential for the proper representation and defense of clients in legal proceedings. Experience and expertise in this field can make a difference in the successful resolution of procedures and ensure the necessary legal security, thereby achieving the firm’s first motto, security.
The ability to effectively manage enforcements and notifications is crucial in achieving the objectives of the legal procedure. Skillfully handling the legal aspects that allow for proactive notification by the Procuradores of the firm, as well as using legal mechanisms to ensure the successful completion of enforcement with full specialization in this area, can guarantee that processes are carried out efficiently, satisfying the interests of clients, thus achieving the firm’s second main motto, efficiency.

Why us?

National coverage

Cayuela Procuradores law firm is expanding from Madrid, both the capital and the Autonomous Community of Madrid, establishing its base in a strategic location near the Plaza de Castilla Judicial Area. Recently, Cayuela Procuradores has decided to expand its activities nationwide, covering the entire territory of Spain. To achieve this national coverage, we have implemented a strategy that aims to effectively integrate technological means with human talent. This expansion involves taking their renowned efficiency and security in procedural management, developed over more than 25 years of experience, to a broader geographical location, namely, nationwide

Advanced telematic technology

Recognizing the importance of technology in the modern world, the law firm has invested in specific tools and applications that enable them to work efficiently within the various judicial systems of the Autonomous Communities. These technologies serve as powerful facilitators, streamlining processes and optimizing procedural management, ultimately providing a comprehensive and effective service to our clients nationwide. Without overlooking the essential role of the human team, the firm combines the experience, specialized knowledge, and skills of its professionals with the support of technology, ensuring they can offer a comprehensive and diligent service in every case. This synergy between technology and human expertise allows them to deliver a comprehensive and effective service, maintaining high-quality standards throughout their nationwide operation.

Our areas of practice

The extensive experience of the professionals who make up the firm allows us to practice in all jurisdictional orders with full confidence in the agile handling of all procedural aspects. We must make a special mention of several aspects:

Notification of lawsuits and other court resolutions

The members of the law firm guarantee the maximum possibility of notification by using the direct concessions granted by law to the procurer for notifying lawsuits and other notifications promptly, avoiding delays in this phase of the procedure, and this action is completely effective in the procedural context, based on more than 1000 notifications already carried out by the law firm.

Execution of judgments and other resolutions

The firm’s perception of the need to improve the judicial system regarding execution has led Cayuela Procuradores to specialize in this judicial phase:
– Drafting execution lawsuits for review.
– Feasibility studies of execution.
– Seizures, coercive measures, and complete execution of movable and immovable assets.
– Specialization in judicial auctions.”

Special Aspects of the Firm


The firm offers the possibility of being an investment vehicle for companies and individuals due to its extensive network of collaborators and professionals:
Maximum specialization in judicial auctions.
Debt purchase as an investment for individuals and companies.
Litigation financing.
Possibility of carrying out lawsuits at no cost to the company and individuals with a percentage of success.

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